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Trilliant Cut Diamonds

Trilliants diamonds have three equally straight or slightly curved sides that are cut from flattened, triangular rough called macles. This diamond shape can be used as either a side accent stone or primary center diamond. The Trilliant, which was once a trademarked cut developed by the Henry Meyer Diamond Company in 1978, comes to three very sharp points while other Triangular Brilliants may have softer and slightly rounded points. Trillion Cut diamonds have 25 facets on the crown and 19 facets on the pavilion.


Stone Shape

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Shape Carat Cut Color Clarity Price  Advanced » « Basic
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1.01NAJVS1 $3,212
Photo Avail.
1.04NAGSI2 $2,527
Photo Avail.
1.51NADSI1 $9,871
Photo Avail.
2.21NAHSI1 $14,724
Photo Avail.
2.02NAGSI2 $12,999
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2.21NAHSI1 $8,790
Trilliant0.97NAFSI1 $3,634
Trilliant1.01NAESI2 $3,390
Trilliant1.02NAGSI1 $4,011
Trilliant0.83NAGSI2 $1,328
Trilliant1.02NAISI1 $2,417
Trilliant0.94NAGSI1 $2,425
Trilliant1.06NAFSI2 $2,902
Trilliant0.97NAESI2 $4,823
Trilliant0.81NADVS1 $3,075
Trilliant0.8NADVS1 $3,037
Trilliant0.71NAKSI2 $1,093
Trilliant1NAKSI1 $2,440
Trilliant2.05NAHSI1 $13,250
Trilliant0.73NAJSI1 $1,460
Trilliant1.04NAIVS2 $3,590
Trilliant1.04NAESI2 $4,125
Trilliant0.92NAESI2 $2,973
Trilliant1.03NAHSI2 $3,480
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