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Loose Cushion Cut Diamonds

Loose Cushion diamonds come in a variety of facet configurations. The standard configuration has either 4 or 6 main pavilion facets which result in an antique type look that is very beautiful. The Cushion Modified brilliant is so named because the bottom of the stone is cut with eight pavilion main facets similar to that of the round brilliant shape diamond which enhances contrast brilliance and scintillation. Two different looks, both beautiful. Let us help you decide which style best fits your taste.


Stone Shape

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Shape Carat Cut Color Clarity Price  Advanced » « Basic
Cushion Modified3.51GoodWVS1 $13,678
Cushion Modified0.81GoodHVS1 $2,233
Cushion Modified
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3GoodIVVS2 $30,401
Cushion Modified1.22GoodGVS2 $6,527
Cushion Modified1.71ExcellentFSI1 $11,895
Cushion Modified1.2ExcellentIVS2 $4,839
Cushion Modified0.9ExcellentESI1 $3,535
Cushion Modified1ExcellentFSI1 $3,310
Cushion Modified
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0.82GoodHVS2 $1,905
Cushion Modified
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1.79ExcellentLVS2 $4,214
Cushion Modified
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3.02ExcellentYVS2 $10,369
Cushion Modified0.51ExcellentEVVS2 $1,229
Cushion Modified0.51GoodFVS2 $1,045
Cushion Modified0.52ExcellentGVVS2 $1,080
Cushion Modified0.5GoodHVVS1 $1,061
Cushion Modified0.51ExcellentIVVS2 $904
Cushion Modified0.81ExcellentGVS2 $2,286
Cushion Modified0.91ExcellentGVS2 $2,636
Cushion Modified1.01ExcellentISI1 $2,689
Cushion Modified1.07ExcellentISI1 $2,959
Cushion Modified1.01ExcellentJVVS2 $2,630
Cushion Modified1.01ExcellentHVVS1 $3,431
Cushion Modified1.7ExcellentFSI1 $12,448
Cushion Modified1.51ExcellentGSI1 $8,730
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At Excel Diamonds, we feature thousands of certified loose diamonds in all different shapes, qualities and sizes, including pear shape diamonds, round diamonds, ideal cut diamonds, hearts & arrows diamonds, princess cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, heart shape diamonds, marquise diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds. Our loose diamonds have been certified and graded by the foremost authorities in Gemology; GIA and AGS. A GIA certified loose diamond, or an AGS certified loose diamond, is your guarantee of the highest standards and accuracy in diamond grading.