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Orange Diamonds

Natural fancy orange diamonds are completely natural and caused by the presence of nitrogen and carbon lattice. Pure orange is a mixture of red and yellow. Natural fancy orange diamonds range from orange red diamonds, to yellow orange diamonds. Orange, red, pink, purple and yellow are the secondary hues found in natural fancy orange diamonds. The seven natural color grades for natural fancy colored orange diamonds in ascending order: Faint Orange, Very Light Orange, Light Orange, Fancy, Fancy Intense Orange, Fancy Vivid Orange and Fancy Deep Orange. Fancy vivid and fancy deep are the most desired hues.

Stone Shape

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Shape Carat Color Intensity Clarity Price  Advanced » « Basic
Cushion Modified
Photo Avail.
0.3OrangeFancy DeepNA $1,337
Photo Avail.
0.31OrangeFancy DeepNA $1,328
Round0.71OrangeFancy DeepI1 $5,635
Marquise0.54OrangeFancyNA $3,127
Round0.64OrangeFancy DeepNA $5,079
Pear0.5OrangeFancy IntenseNA $10,164
Round1.06OrangeFancy DeepNA $33,651
Radiant1.52OrangeFancy DeepI1 $4,588
Cushion Modified0.31OrangeFancy DeepNA $1,444
Marquise0.17OrangeFancy IntenseSI2 $1,255
Heart0.26OrangeFancy IntenseSI1 $5,125
Trilliant1.88OrangeFancy DeepNA $14,021
OvalPair0.37OrangeFancy VividNA $7,066
0.31Yellow OrangeFancy VividSI2 $5,920
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