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Canary Diamonds

Fancy natural yellow diamonds are also referred to as “Canary diamonds”. The prices of Natural Yellow diamonds rise proportionally with their intensity of color. In ascending order the color intensities are: light Yellow, fancy light Yellow, fancy Yellow, fancy intense Yellow, and fancy vivid Yellow. The secondary shades of fancy natural yellow diamonds are green and orange, brown and green.

Stone Shape

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Shape Carat Color Intensity Clarity Price  Advanced » « Basic
Oval4.12YellowFancySI2 $27,917
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3.06YellowFancyVVS2 $27,075
Pear1.51YellowFancy IntenseSI1 $9,302
Cushion Modified0.7YellowFancyVS2 $1,863
Pear0.48YellowFancySI1 $1,739
Shield0.47YellowFancyVS2 $1,731
PearPair1.51YellowFancy LightVS2 $6,765
1.51YellowFancy LightSI1 $6,765
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1.8YellowFancy IntenseI1 $7,459
Cushion Modified0.66YellowFancyVS1 $1,797
Marquise0.59YellowFancy LightSI1 $1,346
Oval0.5YellowFancyVS2 $1,610
Pear1.17YellowFancySI2 $4,613
Pear2.04YellowFancySI2 $12,109
Cushion Modified5.03YellowFancyVS2 $63,929
PearPair1.5YellowFancy LightVS2 $5,880
1.32YellowFancy LightNA $5,174
Cushion Modified0.66YellowFancySI1 $1,517
Cushion Modified
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1.19YellowFancy LightVS1 $3,302
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1.01YellowFancy VividSI2 $13,009
Cushion Modified0.58YellowFancy LightVS2 $1,152
Cushion Modified0.59YellowFancyVS2 $1,428
Cushion Modified0.5YellowFancy LightVVS2 $902
Oval0.51YellowFancyVVS1 $1,643
Pear1YellowFancy IntenseVS2 $8,960
Oval3.01YellowFancy IntenseVS2 $44,500
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