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Fancy Colored Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds come in a variety of natural colors; blue, pink, yellow, orange, gray, red, orange, green, chocolate, black, violet, and purple. The value of fancy colored diamonds are based on their intensity of color, hue, and overtone. Fancy colored diamonds are rare and comprise less than 1% of the manufactured yearly production. Fancy natural loose colored diamonds are submitted to the diamond grading labs such as GIA, HRD, EGL-USA, and IGI to obtain their grading.

Stone Shape

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Cushion Modified
Photo Avail.
1.65YellowNAVS1 $3,755
Photo Avail.
1.68YellowNAVS1 $4,610
Cushion Modified
Photo Avail.
1.7YellowNAVVS1 $3,963
Photo Avail.
2.02YellowNAVS1 Sold
Cushion Modified1.23YellowNAVS1 $2,662
Cushion Modified1.99YellowNASI1 $4,860
Photo Avail.
0.99Green YellowFaintSI1 $3,881
Photo Avail.
5.02Green YellowFaintVS2 $42,168
Cushion Modified
Photo Avail.
2.17Green YellowFaintSI1 $7,226
Round0.5Green YellowFaintSI2 $1,664
Radiant1.18PinkFaintSI2 $5,524
Cushion Modified1.07PinkFaintNA $4,965
Pear0.84BrownFaintNA $3,622
Marquise0.66PinkFaintVS2 $7,318
Marquise0.38PinkFaintNA $1,304
Round1.01PinkFaintVVS1 $12,085
Cushion Modified0.51Green YellowFaintNA $6,850
Oval0.41Green YellowFaintNA $5,556
Cushion Modified0.38Brown PinkFaintNA $2,784
Pear3.01Brown PinkFaintSI2 $48,208
Cushion Modified2.14PinkFaintNA $9,407
Round0.24PinkFaintNA $1,260
Cushion Modified
Photo Avail.
1.14YellowFancy LightVS1 $3,480
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