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Diamond Education Learning Center

Purchasing a diamond or a diamond ring can often be a daunting and overwhelming experience. To aid you in this momentous decision and important purchase, we have put together an educational package that we believe will be invaluable to you in helping you navigate your way through the world of loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings. We will also educate you on the uniqueness and beauty of our SUPERBcert® super-ideal cut hearts and arrows diamond, and our SUPERBcert® princess cut diamonds.

Learn more now about
buying a diamond.
A detailed account of
the most sought after
Your guide to this
marine treasure.
A guide to the
varying types and
qualities of metal.
Tips and techniques
to care for your
fine jewels.
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Learn About Diamond Cut .

The "Magic" of Cut

Only the cut of a diamond; its depth and width, as well as the size, shape, angle, and positioning of the diamond facets will determine its brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation.

Of all the characteristics of a diamond that determine its beauty and value, "Cut" is the one thing that is entirely manipulated by the diamond cutter and will make the difference between a visually brilliant diamond vs. a diamond with a dulled appearance and poo... (Continue)

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