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GIA Diamond Grading Laboratory

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has major lab headquarters in the New York City Diamond District as well as in Carlsbad, California. GIA is the acknowledged world leader in the gemological research of diamonds, fancy natural colored diamonds, semi precious stones, treatments, gemological education, and in the innovation of gemological instrumentation. Their grading of diamonds is world renowned and acknowledged for its accuracy, consistency, and stringency.

GIA was the second diamond lab after the AGS to come out with a cut grading system for the round brilliant cut shape in 2006. Their top grade is “Excellent” and a GIA Excellent cut grade diamond that also displays Excellent Symmetry and Excellent Polish is referred to as a “Triple X” by the Diamond Trade.

Stone Shape

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Shape Carat Cut Color Clarity Price  Advanced » « Basic
Radiant2.03ExcellentFSI1 $19,514
Round2.5ExcellentHSI1 $25,476
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1.3ExcellentHVS2 $8,312
Round0.52Very GoodESI1 $1,273
Emerald2.5Very GoodGVVS2 $26,928
Emerald2.5ExcellentGVVS2 $28,611
Asscher2.6ExcellentHVS1 $20,592
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1.24Very GoodLSI1 $2,573
Round7.41ExcellentDVVS1 $731,848
Oval1.5Very GoodHSI2 $7,302
Round6.5ExcellentHSI2 $104,844
Cushion Modified1.51ExcellentHVS2 $7,877
Emerald1.6ExcellentHVS1 $9,156
Round0.51ExcellentIVS2 $1,257
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0.31Very GoodKVS2 $439
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0.4Very GoodHSI2 $731
Round1.01Very GoodMI1 $2,086
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1.32ExcellentKVS2 $4,830
Cushion Modified4.01GoodEVS2 $79,056
Round0.4GoodISI2 $667
Cushion Modified10.02GoodLSI1 $126,180
Marquise0.9Very GoodHSI1 $3,205
Oval1.01Very GoodFVVS2 $5,284
Pear1.5GoodGSI1 $9,820
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At Excel Diamonds, we feature thousands of certified loose diamonds in all different shapes, qualities and sizes, including pear shape diamonds, round diamonds, ideal cut diamonds, hearts & arrows diamonds, princess cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, heart shape diamonds, marquise diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds. Our loose diamonds have been certified and graded by the foremost authorities in Gemology; GIA and AGS. A GIA certified loose diamond, or an AGS certified loose diamond, is your guarantee of the highest standards and accuracy in diamond grading.