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Loose Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald-cut diamond is the most classic of diamond shapes. Its clean lines come from step-cutting, or parallel line facets. It is always cut with blocked corners and is usually cut to a rectangular outline. Because of its right angle and parallel faceting structure, inclusions can be more visible to the naked eye, so stay with diamond claritys of VS-2 and higher. Length-to-width ratios should be in the range of 1.37-1.50:1 for a rectangular emerald cut, and is preferred by purists, but square emerald cuts are also popular now.


Stone Shape

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Shape Carat Cut Color Clarity Price  Advanced » « Basic
Emerald0.53ExcellentGVS1 $1,560 $1,513
Emerald0.52ExcellentGVVS2 $1,530 $1,484
Emerald0.55Very GoodEVVS2 $1,452
Emerald0.66ExcellentDVVS1 $1,901
Emerald0.85Very GoodDVVS2 $2,444
Emerald0.57ExcellentIVS1 $1,050
Emerald0.71ExcellentDVS1 $1,789
Emerald0.59ExcellentEVVS2 $1,628
Emerald0.61Very GoodFIF $1,373
Emerald1.01ExcellentIVVS2 $3,426
Emerald1.01ExcellentGVVS1 $4,111
Emerald1.01ExcellentEVVS1 $5,388
Emerald1.01Very GoodHVVS2 $3,416
Emerald1Very GoodDVVS1 $5,445
Emerald0.58ExcellentHVVS2 $1,218
Emerald1ExcellentGVS1 $3,410
Emerald1.07Very GoodGVVS2 $4,355
Emerald1.04ExcellentJVS1 $2,691
Emerald0.9ExcellentIVS2 $2,376
Emerald0.59Very GoodEVVS2 $1,558
Emerald0.85ExcellentIVVS1 $2,040
Emerald1.09ExcellentFVS2 $4,017
Emerald1.02ExcellentJVS1 $2,757
Emerald0.56ExcellentEVVS1 $1,462
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