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Loose Pear Shape Diamonds

The pear shape diamond is a beautiful, feminine diamond shape with a rounded end on one side and a tapering point at the other. A pear-shaped diamond should be mounted with five prongs: two to hold the rounded end, two to hold the curved sides of the stone securely, and one V-shaped prong to protect the point at the bottom end which is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of the diamond. A minimal "bow tie" formation in the center of the diamond is beneficial as it provides contrast brilliance to the diamond.


Stone Shape

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Shape Carat Cut Color Clarity Price  Advanced » « Basic
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0.40Very GoodGVS1 $770
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0.41Very GoodGVS1 $790
Pear2.61Very GoodGSI1 $25,082
Pear0.5GoodDVS2 $1,260
Pear0.5GoodEVVS2 $1,320
Pear0.5GoodDVS1 $1,320
Pear0.5GoodEVVS2 $1,260
Pear0.5GoodFVS2 $1,188
Pear0.5GoodDVS2 $1,260
Pear1.03GoodHVS1 $3,909
Pear1.03GoodDVS2 $5,183
Pear0.5GoodEVS1 $1,285
Pear0.5GoodFVVS1 $1,290
Pear0.5GoodDVS2 $1,155
Pear0.5GoodDVS2 $1,200
Pear0.5GoodFVS1 $1,200
Pear0.5GoodHIF $1,155
Pear0.5GoodFVS2 $1,155
Pear0.5GoodGVS1 $1,188
Pear0.7GoodEVS2 $2,226
Pear0.5GoodFIF $1,260
Pear0.5GoodFVVS1 $1,260
Pear1GoodDVS2 $4,785
Pear0.5GoodDVS1 $1,260
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