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GIA Graded Emerald Diamond - 1.83 Carat, M Color, IF Clarity (#5146350985)

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Diamond Information
Shape Emerald
A carat is subdivided into 100 points, which provides you with precise measurement to two decimal points. A .75 carat diamond is referred to as a 75 pointer or three quarter carat, and diamonds above a carat are referred to in carat and decimals.
Refers to a diamond's ability to return light to your eye in the form of brilliance, fire, and scintillation, it's beauty and value, as determined by the cutter's skill in maximizing the stones Polish, Symmetry, and Proportion.
GIA, AGS, EGL-USA, IGI, and HRD lab grading reports are featured on our Exceldiamonds web site.
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The GIA clarity scale is divided into 11 specific grades ranging from flawless (FL) the very best, down to heavily included (I-1, I-2, and I-3). Clarity grades ranging from VVS-1 down to SI-2 contain microscopic inclusions that require a minimum of 10X magnification to be seen. These inclusions formed in the Earth under intense heat and pressure.
The most widely accepted diamond color grading scale is the D-Z scale of the GIA Diamond Grading Laboratory. "D" is colorless, and the scale continues with increasing color down to Z. The scale defines near colorless down to "K." Diamond Cut quality significantly affects face up color, as the better the cut, the more light refracts up through the top of the diamond to your eye, and thus the whiter the diamond will face up.
The polishing of each diamond facet to a clear high level luster and shine.
The proper facet alignment, correct facet size, and correct facet angle to maximize the face up Brilliance, Fire, and Scintillation of the diamond.
Very Good
This is the diamonds reaction to ultraviolet light. The most common color fluorescence is blue and is graded by GIA on a scale of None, Faint, Medium, and Strong. In lower color diamonds such as K, L, and M, strong fluorescence will make the stone face up whiter and thereby provides excellent value for your money. Contrary to popular reports, strong fluorescence does not negatively affect a diamonds color or transparency.
This is the flat plane facet at the top of the diamond.
The height of a diamond measured from the top of the stone (table facet) down to the point (culet facet) divided by the width of the diamond. Depth percentage affects a diamond light performance, as shallow and deep stones will leak light out through the side and bottom that results in a face up opaque and glassy look.
Length 7.91
Width 6.01
Height 4.1
Culet None
Girdle Slightly Thick to Thick

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Actual diamond


This eye clean diamond will not show any inclusions at the normal viewing distance of 10-15 inches. Our photos and videos are presented at 10-40X magnification whereas human vision is in the range of 1.25-1.6x magnification.

Flawless and Internally Flawless clarity are super eye clean with no inclusions.

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