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HRD Graded Diamonds

The HRD Diamond Grading Lab is based in Belgium, and is well known and highly regarded in the European marketplace. The abbreviation HRD stands for "Hoge Raad Voor Diamant" in Flemish. In English this translates to "Diamond High Council." HRD’s color and clarity grading is strict, accurate, and consistent. It is therefore considered on par with GIA, but has limited name-recognition in the United States marketplace. HRD grades natural white diamonds in the D-Z color range as well as fancy natural colored diamonds.

Stone Shape

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Shape Carat Cut Color Clarity Price  Advanced » « Basic
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1.14GoodJSI1 $3,249
Cushion Modified
Photo Avail.
5.08GoodIVVS2 $83,030
Photo Avail.
4.63GoodKIF $59,157
Photo Avail.
5.38GoodIVS1 $105,403
Photo Avail.
10.03GoodLVVS1 $121,330
Round1.01GoodIVVS2 $4,709
Round1.09Very GoodIVVS1 $5,645
Emerald1.02Very GoodIIF $2,659
Emerald1.01Very GoodGVVS2 $3,365
Round1GoodFSI2 $4,033
Emerald1Very GoodIVVS1 $2,510
Round1GoodHVVS1 $5,557
Round1.35Very GoodLVVS2 $3,754
Round1.51Very GoodGIF $18,610
Round1.54Very GoodJIF $8,218
Round3.53GoodIVVS2 $42,694
Round3.01ExcellentHVVS2 $43,931
Round3.01GoodLIF $20,319
Round4.4Very GoodLIF $38,641
Asscher12.12GoodIVS2 $251,895
Pear3.17GoodIVVS2 $29,803
Round3.02ExcellentKIF $27,542
Round5.02GoodJSI2 $51,309
Heart6.51GoodJSI2 $46,926
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At Excel Diamonds, we feature thousands of certified loose diamonds in all different shapes, qualities and sizes, including pear shape diamonds, round diamonds, ideal cut diamonds, hearts & arrows diamonds, princess cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, heart shape diamonds, marquise diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds, oval cut diamonds and emerald cut diamonds. Our loose diamonds have been certified and graded by the foremost authorities in Gemology; GIA and AGS. A GIA certified loose diamond, or an AGS certified loose diamond, is your guarantee of the highest standards and accuracy in diamond grading.