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Loose Pink Diamonds

Most natural fancy pink diamonds come from the Argyle Mine in northwestern Australia. Pink diamonds are considered among the rarest natural fancy color in the world. The color scale for loose pink diamonds in ascending order are: Faint, very light, light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid and fancy deep. Fancy vivid and fancy deep are the most desired hues. Hues of red, purple and orange are the secondary colors found in natural fancy pink diamonds.

Stone Shape

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0.57PinkVery LightNA $2,360
Marquise0.5PinkVery LightVS2 $2,900
Radiant1PinkFancySI1 $83,941
Round1.01PinkFaintVVS1 $9,243
Radiant0.44PinkFancy DeepNA $4,186
Marquise0.38PinkFaintNA $1,098
Round0.5PinkFancy VividNA $38,823
Oval1.01PinkFancySI2 $28,260
Radiant0.56PinkFancy DeepVS2 $6,894
Radiant1.15PinkFancy IntenseVS2 $302,468
Cushion Modified2.01PinkFancy LightVS2 $173,904
Radiant2.51PinkFancyNA $15,451
Cushion Modified0.68PinkFancyNA $7,480
Pear0.71PinkFaintSI1 $6,754
Cushion Modified0.7PinkFancy IntenseVS1 $81,528
Cushion Modified1PinkFancyI1 $28,840
Cushion Modified1.58PinkFaintVVS1 $31,546
Emerald1.41PinkFancy LightSI2 $47,343
Heart0.57PinkFancy DeepVS2 $23,604
Heart1.01PinkFancySI2 $62,172
Heart1.45PinkFancyI1 $56,800
Pear0.77PinkFaintVVS2 $15,943
Pear1.86PinkFancy LightI1 $60,371
Oval0.21PinkFancySI1 $4,701
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