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The Gutwein name has been synonymous with diamonds spanning four generations.

  Abraham Gutwein (right side) sorting diamonds.
Havana, Cuba Circa: 1948

Abraham Gutwein began his apprenticeship as a diamond cutter in Antwerp in the early 1900's. In 1943, he and his family managed to flee from the Nazis and they made their way to Havana, Cuba. In Havana they set up a diamond cutting facility and engaged in the import/export of rough and polished loose diamonds.

Abraham's sons, Samuel and Isaac learned the art of diamond cutting from their father. In 1949 the entire family moved to New York where they set up their own diamond cutting shop. They joined the DDC (Diamond Dealer's Club) and became highly respected members of the diamond trade.


Samuel Gutwein  

Samuel's son, Barry did not initially follow his Dad into the diamond business, opting to obtain his doctorate and pursue his interests in research physiology. In 1978, however, the world of diamonds beckoned and Barry left a productive career as a research scientist and started out as an apprentice diamond-cutter. In the mid 80's, having earned a reputation as a highly accomplished diamond-cutter, he started his own diamond manufacturing and dealership company.


Barry at the bench, May 1987

Our Mission

Judah Gutwein Dir. of Sales and Marketing


In the late 1990's the Internet began attracting attention as a venue for selling quality high-ticket products. Barry's idea was to create a website that would offer superb cut quality loose diamonds and diamond engagement rings at discount prices.

At Excel Diamonds we use the latest technology to let you see our loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings and other diamond accessories online.

  Baruch (Barry) Gutwein, President. 2003

We are a family oriented business with a commitment to the same old world values shown by our parents and grandparents. We work intensively with each one of our clients to find their most suitable diamond and diamond engagement ring and are honored and gratified to be part of such an important purchase and momentous occasion.

Call us and let us help you make your diamond purchase a memorable and enjoyable one.


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