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Designer Jewelry by Vatche, Rochelle, and Excel Diamonds.

Timeless Beauty. Uniquely Designed.

These are exquisite, one of a kind bridal rings, engagement rings, platinum wedding bands and diamond wedding rings of the highest quality and timeless beauty.


ROCHELLE Designer Rings and Engagement Rings, feature a constantly evolving line of engagement rings to includes a wide range of tastes and styles. This special selection of engagement rings, fuse a classic and understated elegance, with a modern twist. From modern minimalist to baroque romantic, there is something for everyone. The search for a truly custom made engagement ring is over. These incredibly beautiful engagement rings are customized to suit the exact specifications and parameters of your loose diamond. No expense is spared in the quest to ensure maximum beauty and superb craftsmanship of your custom engagement ring design. Every ROCHELLE creation is a perfect work of art, fashioned with the latest technology and inspired by the individuality of every customer.

image As a child, Vatché showed a great talent to design and create. At the age of twelve, a well-known designer and model maker took personal interest in Vatché. He trained him in every aspect of jewelry making, from the cutting of rough diamonds to handling different metals with their unique character and texture.

At the age of eighteen, Vatché was hired by one of the world's most prestigious high-end jewelry manufacturers. For the next two years he dedicated his time to perfecting his design skills.

image Our exclusive line of Excel diamond engagement rings, is comprised of several categories, including gorgeous and unrivaled Tiffany inspired classic engagement rings. We have garnered a well deserved reputation for our timeless engagement rings in general and our Tiffany style engagement rings in particular. Whether you are looking for a tension setting engagement ring, an antique style engagement ring, a classic engagement ring, or a Tiffany engagement ring inspiration......you have come to the right place!

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