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Diamond Cleaning and Care

It is extremely important to clean and care for your diamond by periodically soaking it in a solution of warm water and liquid soap, or a jewelry cleaning solution. A simple brush (toothbrush, etc.) may be used to dislodge built up dirt from the surface of the diamond. Always, make sure to rinse off the diamond and dirt with a non abrasive cloth. A diamond when properly cleaned will allow maximum light to reflect out to your eye. Conversely, when a diamond is smudged, oily, and dirty it will appear dull and lifeless since it will not allow light to refract out to your eye.

We do not recommend the usage of ultra-sonic cleaning devices on a mounted diamond as these machines are apt to loosen the diamond from its mounting with its powerful vibrations.

We recommend that you have your diamond ring checked by a competent jeweler every 6 months.

The proper care of your diamond will assure you of a lifetime of enjoyment and happiness!

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