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Diamond Certification

It is crucial when choosing from a selection of loose diamonds to review the diamond certificate, referred to by diamond grading laboratories as a grading report.

This "C" qualification for certified diamonds is unfortunately one of the lesser understood essentials of the five "C's" markings, despite its vital importance in ensuring that you make a safe and accurate diamond purchase.

When shopping for loose diamonds, you need to be on the lookout for a diamond certificate to verify that you have confirmation and can corroborate that you are essentially getting the best quality certified diamonds that you paid for.

Many local jewelers and "mom and pop" jewelry locations would like for you to plunk down a veritable fortune on a diamond that has little, or no information attached to it. They show you a loose diamond and tell you that it is an exemplary item, expecting you to accept their word, pay for it, fully trusting in your purchase!

Even more astonishing news is that many of these jewelers will attempt to extract a significant dollar premium for a "high color/clarity" diamond that is not accompanied by an Independent Laboratory grading report to verify the jeweler's claims.

Let us demonstrate our point with a classic example. If you are a fine watch connoisseur, you will be familiar with the idea of having an officially certified chronometer for your watch purchase. This qualification includes the COSC certification that accompanies many prestigious timepiece purchases, such as the venerable Rolex watches. Since 1910 the COSC (Controle Officiel Suisse Des Chronometres) has been an impartial body that is authorized to award the internationally renowned title of Officially Certified Chronometer. This official control method guarantees chronometric performance worthy of only the finest mechanical timepieces, thereby ensuring that your purchase is authentic and reliable.

You need the same concept applied to loose diamond purchases. An impartial governing body can assure you that the quality of the certified diamonds is presented accurately and that it's caliber is as exceptional as the jeweler had advertised.

Some companies will offer what they term "In house appraisals/certificates" in an attempt to justify the color/clarity grade, as well as the dimensions and characteristics of their loose diamonds. These dubious reports are essentially worthless and will not provide you with any guarantees on the accuracy of the purported diamond grades. Additionally, any respected insurance company that is presented with this type of an "appraisal" will dismiss it outright, since the vendor has an obvious vested interest in validating (and even hiking up) the price he charged you for the diamond.

For these reasons, we do not offer any in house appraisals and/or reports, as this is extremely unethical, and is a complete conflict of interest.

Independent Grading Laboratories

You must always insist on certified diamonds that have been graded by an independent and unbiased grading lab. This kind of certification is the only way to confirm that you are getting what you paid for with the size, color, clarity, dimensions, and properties of the loose diamonds. When you pay for our hearts & arrows diamonds, for example, you will receive a grade from an unbiased source that promises the quality of your purchase. Our hearts and arrow diamonds are certified and guaranteed quality for the price that you will pay.

Are all Independent Grading Laboratories Created Equal?

The answer is an emphatic NO!

There is no shortage of Independent Diamond Grading Laboratories out there whose grading standards, criterion, and competence do not have excellent standards. It is common knowledge in the industry that these laboratories are notorious for routinely grading diamonds at 1-2 Color/Clarity grades higher than what it actually warrants. You, the consumer, are going to pay for a "difference" that does not exist.

GIA and AGS Grading Laboratories

The majority of our diamonds, especially our hearts & arrows diamonds, have been analyzed and graded by either the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), or the American Gem Society Laboratories. (AGS) These are the most respected laboratories in the diamond industry. They are known for having the strictest, most consistent, and uniformly unbiased system for grading loose diamonds. Diamonds that are accompanied by these reports are the most highly valued and respected in the industry.

We choose to certify our hearts and arrow diamonds with these two laboratories, and post copies of these reports for every listed diamond on our website. This is one of our many ways of assuring you of the accuracy of the information presented as well as the beauty of your diamond.

Moreover, our certified heart & arrow diamonds achieve the highest results possible on both the GIA, and AGS grading reports.

Our hearts and arrow diamonds also achieved the coveted "GIA EX/EX" (Excellent/Excellent) for Polish and Symmetry, as well as the "AGS0" for ideal proportions.

We essentially give you the best of both worlds with all of our diamonds. All of our GIA graded EX/EX certified diamonds are additionally accompanied by a Megascope Report. This report indicates that complete AGS ideal (0) proportions with incredibly tight tolerances for each of the diamonds' 58 facets.

The original copy of the GIA or AGS Diamond certificate is included with every purchase of our loose diamonds or diamond engagement rings.

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