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Diamond Color

The "color" of a diamond refers to the presence or absence of inherent coloration in a white diamond. The whiter the diamond is the greater its value since a colorless diamond will allow increased light to pass through it and will consequently emit a greater amount of fire and brilliance. An appropriate analogy would be the difference between a clear glass window's superiority in allowing light to pass through it, versus a (color) stained glass window. Diamonds are graded for color against a white background so as to eliminate the possibility for any outside light to be absorbed by the diamond.

In the diamond industry we refer to the GIA color grading scale which begins with the letter "D" indicating the highest rating for a colorless diamond, and makes its way down the alphabet as it grades stones with hues of faint or significant yellowish and brownish coloration. The scale continues all the way to the letter Z.

D Color Diamonds

This diamond is absolutely colorless, is the highest color grade, and is extremely rare.

E Color Diamonds

This diamond is colorless with minute traces of color which can be detected by an expert gemologist. It is also considered very rare.

F Color Diamonds

This diamond is colorless with slight color detected by an expert gemologist, and is still considered to be in the "colorless" category.

G-H Color Diamonds

These diamonds are near colorless with the color noticeable when compared properly to diamonds of higher color.

I-J Color Diamonds

These diamonds are near colorless with the color slightly detectable. In ideal cut hearts and arrows diamonds, I-J color diamonds will face up white and considerably whiter than their actual color grade in many instances. In fact, we set thousands of I -J color diamonds with excellent proprtions, to the satisfaction of our discerning clients.

K Color Diamonds

These diamonds are faintly yellow and are an exceptional value in a well cut diamond due to its superior light return.

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