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Ideal Cut Diamonds

A diamond cut to certain angles and proportions will determine its beauty as well as value. Most of the diamonds being cut in the marketplace are cut to maximize on weight retention which results in the diamond being cut either too shallow or too deep. A shallow or deep cut diamond will result in significant light leakage.

Too shallow: Light escapes from the sides causing the diamond to lose brilliance. Too deep: Light escapes from the bottom causing the diamond to appear dull and lifeless.

An Ideal cut diamond is a diamond which is cut to a certain set of tolerances and parameters for all of its 58 facets which will result in maximum brilliance and light return. Think of it this way; a diamond is faceted as a collection of mirrors. When these facets are placed at certain angles in relation to each other they will allow light entering through the table to be evenly distributed throughout the entire diamond and then reflected back out through the table to your eye.

Why doesn't everyone cut diamonds to Ideal proportions?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that in order to create an ideal cut diamond, the diamond cutter will have to sacrifice rough carat weight in order to fashion a smaller, albeit more beautiful diamond. Cutting more diamond means cutting away more money, literally!

To create an ideal cut diamond a cutter must posses a superior level of ability and craftsmanship, and will need time and patience, as this requires considerably more time and effort than commercial quality diamonds.

As the diamond industry has evolved and diamond shoppers have become more savvy and educated, ideal cut diamonds have become tremendously popular for the discriminating consumer who insists on the very best cut quality diamonds.

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