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Importance of Diamond Cut

Everybody hears about the 4 C's of Diamonds: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut.

While people get crazy detailed about Carat, Color and Clarity, many people don't even consider the importance of Cut and how it directly impacts the beauty of the stone.

The great irony is that a well-cut diamond will minimize the imperfections of a stone, allowing you to purchase a stone with a lower clarity at a lower price and have it actually look better than a diamond with a better clarity that is not cut as well.

As mentioned, of the 4 "C's", "Cut" is paramount and of great significance to how much white light, colored light, and scintillation will be returned to your eye. Equally important, is the fact, that the better and more precise the "Cut" the more likely that imperfections in the diamond will be "masked" and appear to you as definitely "eye-clean" in the face-up position (the way it is seen in jewelry). This is most critical in SI-1 and SI-2 clarity-graded diamonds where imperfections in poor to mediocre cuts will standout and be eye-visible. In Ideal Cut diamonds, however, the precision and exquisiteness of the Cut, will tend to "mask" black carbon spots, piques, and/or nested imperfections; in particular, imperfections directly under the table or those residing in the pavilion that have a tendency to reflect.

Unfortunately, the diagrammed plotting provided on the GIA reports in general and of course for the SI-1 and SI-2 clarity-graded Ideal Cuts are not always clear; you, the consumer cannot discern whether the SI grade is visible, somewhat visible, or truly eye-clean. To this end, we offer upon request, photographs of our listed SI-1 and SI-2 clarity-graded diamonds. We have created specialized templates to highlight the inclusion under magnification.

Remember as you look at these photographs that in order to show you the minor imperfections of the diamond, they are taken close-up and under extreme magnification. In "real life" you would see them from a distance of 12-18 inches at 1x magnification (none).

Go ahead and correlate GIA's plotted graph with the pictures; LOOK and SEE for yourself. We believe these pictures will be of immeasurable value to you.

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