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What are "Loose Diamonds"

"Loose diamond" simply means a diamond alone without a setting.

The majority of our  loose diamonds come with GIA or AGS Lab Reports. GIA and AGS diamond grading labs are the finest, most stringent, consistent, and accurate diamond grading labs in the industry. In addition, we go the extra mile for you by providing upon request a plethora of quantitaive and qualitative reports and photos on every one of our listed diamonds; reports such as detailed cut analyses featured on the OGI Megascope Analyzer and Light Performance results featured on the Gemex Brilliancescope Spectrophotometer. Our diamond photos are taken under different levels of magnification and lighting conditions so as to give you a better "view" of the stone.

Any internet website can claim their ideal cut loose diamonds are the finest, but don't qualify their claims with our quantitative information. We substantiate our claims by giving you all of this comprehensive information.

Our other loose diamond database of GIA and AGS Ideal Cut and Premium Cut diamonds are all diamonds of excellent quality. We have the technology in-house to do any reports and photo's that you need.

We feature the following cuts of loose diamonds: